Take back your leisure time


Are computers eating into our personal lives?

Feel like your computer dominates your life? Human performance expert Dr Adam Fraser says you’re not the only one: “In the early 90s Bill Gates said with the invention of the personal computer we will be so effective that the average person will gain 30 per cent more leisure time.” How did that pan out for you?

“Today, the statistics tell us: the average working mother gets 21 minutes to herself a day; the average father spends one minute of one-on-one time with his kids a day; and the average employee spends three times as much time on email as they do with their friends and family,” Dr Fraser says.

What to do? Dr Fraser recommends these steps:

  • Have set email hours, don’t leave your email open and stop checking constantly.
  • Set aside at least one hour of no technology time where you work without it.

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