How Far Should You Go to Recruit an In-Demand Candidate?

By Robert Half

It’s not easy to find specialized, skilled professionals today. Demand for top talent is up across industries and for a variety of skill sets. Highly skilled and specialized candidates have plenty of options.

As a result, landing the right candidate can take months. And when you’ve found the ideal employee and extended what you consider a good offer, the top candidate is likely to counter with salary demands that could strain your resources. Should you let a great candidate pass by or go over budget? Here are some tips for hiring the best candidate, negotiating salary and avoiding these sticky situations in the first place.

1. Sell the company. Studies show that a majority of hiring managers form an opinion of a candidate in the first 10 minutes of an interview. If you think you’re interviewing a keeper, do your best to subtly showcase the advantages of working for your company. Engage the applicant with open-ended questions about her accomplishments and aspirations. Rather than just focusing on business goals, be sure to also mention the organization’s innovation and corporate social responsibility. For some candidates, doing meaningful and interesting work for a firm that makes a difference is as important as the salary. If there’s time after the interview, show her around the office and introduce her to potential colleagues.

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