Why Taking Time Off is Important

By Adam Vortherms

For many of us, the workday doesn’t end when we leave the office. More and more, work culture demands that we are on call in one form or another on our evenings and weekends. Many even spend breaks and lunch hours at their desks, typing away.

While this isn’t always a terrible thing on occasion, if left unchecked, this habit of constant work will take most people to the brink of their physical, mental, and emotional limits. When that happens, productivity and morale take a severe hit. The road to recovery for the worker who goes too long without time off and depletes their energy may be long, and costly in the way of productivity.

Still, hundreds of millions of vacation days go unused every year. Why aren’t people using their vacation days? Some worry about falling behind, while others are even shamed by their bosses for asking for time to themselves. Whatever the obstacle might be, taking time off is important and worth pursuing. Keep reading to learn about just a few of the many reasons why taking time off should be a priority for you and your business.

It’s the secret to increased productivity

Research shows that we have a limited pool of mental and emotional resources to keep us engaged. If you draw on your resources without refueling, eventually you will deplete them and be left stressed and unproductive. Sometimes this leads to burnout, which can wreak havoc on job performance and even career trajectory.

High achievers know that the secret to getting quality work done is taking the time to refuel the mind and body. Restorative time off can mean anything from a lunch break spent not thinking about work, to a vacation of a lifetime; research shows that people work faster and produce better results after breaks of all kinds, from 30-minute breathers to extended vacations.

Fewer sick days across the entire office

Workers who are able and encouraged to stay home when they’re sick will not only recover faster, they will prevent the spread of illness to their co-workers. Think of the last time a cold or flu ran its course through your business. Chances are good that if your patient zero had been encouraged to stay home during their contagious periods, productivity would have remained steady, and fewer workers might’ve fallen ill.

Reset your work/life balance

It’s easy to forget that we are more than the work we do when we do not take time off for ourselves, our interests, and our relationships. Work is a wonderful thing for many reasons, but sometimes we need to remember what it is that we are working for. Taking time off to remind ourselves why we work will help us come back re-focused and with renewed dedication.

Boost creativity

Creativity is essential for workers in all positions; being able to come up with original ideas and think in a detailed manner helps solve problems and makes a positive contribution to office morale. However, if you are spending too much time at work, or are always on call, your thinking may become narrow, and you will miss opportunities for innovative problem-solving. Taking time off will give your mind a rest and allow you to think up new ways to contribute.

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