What Effect Can Your Personality Type Have on Your Career?

businessman drawing chartby The Undercover Recruiter

In the workplace, your personality affects how you interact with your colleagues, managers, and clients, but new research compiled by Truity suggests it may also have an impact on your earnings potential, your career trajectory, and your job satisfaction.

So how much can your personality influence your career and what factors are generally responsible for this impact on earning potential?

Which categories do you come under?

  • Extrovert Vs. Introvert:  Extroverts generally enjoy work more than introverts, reporting job satisfaction as 3.77 out of 5, compared to just 3.39 among introverts.
  • Thinkers Vs. Feelers: Thinkers are more likely to be in management roles than feelers and have been found to supervise an average of 3.78 employees, compared to just 3.22 for feelers.
  • Sensor Vs. Intuitive: Intuitive types are 52% more likely to be self-employed than sensors.
  • Judger Vs. Perceiver: Judgers are generally higher earners than perceivers, earning an average of $46,571, compared to $36,332 for perceivers.

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