Use a Recruiter to Save Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Time

Written By: Andrew Henke

When you need to hire talented, qualified candidates, you may be tempted to have your internal hiring department tackle the job, in an effort to save money. However, smart hiring managers know that working with the right recruitment firm is a secret weapon to attracting top talent while saving money and time in the process. Keep reading to find out how using a
a recruiter can save you money, and more importantly, your time.

A good recruitment firm is a bridge to top talent

Highly qualified candidates might be trying to reach out to you but are hesitant to do so
because of possible repercussions from their current employers, particularly in niche industries,
where word travels fast. Working with a time-tested recruiter gives top talent a way to reach
out and test the waters without endangering their relationships with their current employers.

A recruitment firm can protect you from costly hiring mistakes

A good recruitment firm lives and dies on its reputation. What this means for you is that the
firm you partner with will vet candidates more intensely than any internal hiring department
would. They will send you candidates that are not only right for the job but who are a fit for
your workplace culture as well. Finding a candidate who is on board with your workplace
culture is a vital component to their success in the job, and the value they can provide your
organization. The end result is a candidate who is a great investment, ready to hit the ground
running. This saves you time, money, and effort in the training process.

Your internal HR department already has a lot on its plate.

As a whole, your internal HR department wears a lot of hats. In addition to managing current
hires, payroll, benefits, and everything else, the type of recruiting that internal HR departments
are best set up to do searches wide, not deep. Meaning, their hires are found among a
pool where the candidates outnumber the jobs available. A recruitment firm, on the other
hand, is able to conduct its search with laser-focus, something that most HR departments
simply do not have the time or resources to do. Leaving your internal hiring department to
find top talent to satisfy hard-to-fill roles may leave the job open for far longer than you intend.

A recruitment firm saves you your most important asset: time.

Your company can always earn more money and all the things that come with it, such as
accolades, status, and growth. But you can never earn back your time. The longer a hard-to-fill
the position sits empty, the more time your company misses out on the innovations and
contributions that only the right hire can provide.

Specialized recruiting firms, such as BRIX, have the experience and expertise that you need to
get your industry’s top performers on your team. If you’re ready to see how the right recruiting
firm can save you money, and more importantly, time, contact BRIX today to get started finding
the talent that will take your business to the next level.


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