Three Reasons You Should Use a Retained Recruiting Firm

By Brad Stanke

In the age of the internet and instant communication, finding candidates to fill a job opening has never been easier.  However, finding the right candidate has never been harder.  Even deciding where to post the opening can be the thought-equivalent of nails on a chalkboard: print or online?  Will it be noticed at all?  Or, sometimes even worse, will it be noticed too much?

The good news is that there is an option to take the guesswork from your search.  Recruiting firms such as Grapevine are here to help you cut through the noise and find the right candidate for your business.  A retained recruiting firm specifically is hired exclusively to fill your open position.  Here are three reasons to use a retained recruiting firm the next time you’re on the hunt for quality job candidates.


By hiring a retained recruiting firm to fill an open position, you are granting them exclusive rights to locate the candidates that you will interview.  This may sound restricting at first, but retained recruiting firms are dedicated (as well as obligated) to fill the position.  This creates unparalleled reliability.  Remember: finding the best fit for your open position will reflect well on the firm.  This motivates the firm to find the absolute best of the best for your hiring needs.  Happy clients mean more business for the retained recruiting firm whether through referrals or repeat business, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.


We are all familiar with the proverb of finding a needle in a haystack.  When it comes to recruiting your next employee, sometimes accidentally picking a piece of straw instead of locating the needle can be a costly mistake.  By using a retained recruiting firm, you are ensuring a thorough vetting process for all candidates.  The firm will do the heavy lifting for you and, as mentioned above, you will be able to trust them to find the right fit for your hiring needs.

Accepted Offers

If a candidate has made it through the exhaustive screening that a retained recruiting firm requires in order to walk into an interview, you know that this candidate is much more likely to accept any offers you may extend.  Recruiting firms worth their salt will have a high rate of accepted offers.  Again, because they are more reliable and locate high quality candidates for your opening, you will have more luck finding the right fit for your business by going through a retained firm versus approaching the open market.

Though it can have a higher fee upfront, using a retained recruiting firm to fill your business’s open position has numerous benefits.  They will work exclusively to find the right match for you, which will lead to a higher rate of accepted offers and, hopefully, a long-term, qualified employee who fits into the culture of your business with ease.

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