The Top 10 Productivity Killers at Work Are…

By Deanna Hartley

Whether you call it multitasking, recharging or just good ol’ fashioned procrastinating, we’ve all been guilty of taking a minute here and there during the work day to refresh our Facebook feed, check the latest World Cup scores or run out to grab a cupcake. But which of these distractions cut into U.S. workers’ daily productivity the most? In a new CareerBuilder survey, employers reveal the top 10 productivity killers at work.

More than 1 in 4 (24 percent) workers aren’t afraid to spend at least an hour of the work day jumping on personal calls or sending personal emails or texts. Meanwhile, more than 1 in 5 (21 percent) admit that they spend about an hour or more online engaging in non-work-related activities.

Here’s a breakdown of the top 10 productivity killers at work, according to employers.

  1. Cell phone/texting — 50 percent.
  2. Gossip — 42 percent.
  3. The Internet — 39 percent.
  4. Social media — 38 percent.
  5. Snack breaks or smoke breaks — 27 percent.
  6. Noisy co-workers — 24 percent.
  7. Meetings — 23 percent.
  8. Email — 23 percent.
  9. Co-workers dropping by — 23 percent.
  10. Co-workers putting calls on speaker phone — 10 percent.

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