The Powerful Impact of Networking and Relationships on the Job


Summer is the season for company outings, like a company-wide trip to the amusement park or a community service event.

These kind of outings are meant to create bonds with colleagues who usually don’t have the time or opportunity to meet or socialize.

There are some who view these outings as an opportunity to let loose and have a day of fun. There are also those who view these outings as the chance to connect with management for career gain.

I’m not against making friends with management — although I think managers should be accessible enough in the workplace that a party isn’t the only chance to spot one. I just believe one chance meeting is not the most likely way to propel your career.

What if you could company parties as both a chance to make friends and forward your career?

You gotta mix business AND pleasure

Whether you’re being strategic about making connections at these company outings or not, be sure to mix business with pleasure. Make friends. The vast majority (89 percent) of U.S. employees said work relationships mattered to their quality of life, according to the Fall 2014 Workforce Mood Tracker survey.

Make genuine friendships with all kinds of co-workers. After company social events, bring your co-worker friendships back to your work and your workplace.

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