Take a Fascinating Fresh Look at Human Behavior in the Workplace

By Gail Miller

Like many people in the business of  “human” resources, I’ve always been fascinated by what makes people tick — especially in the workplace. That’s why the book, Sensation: The New Science of Physical Intelligence by Professor Thalma Lobel was a fascinating read. The author explores how our personal and professional behavior and decision-making are influenced by the physical stimuli that we’re exposed to everyday.

From taste to smell to touch and beyond, this book’s sweeping exploration makes sense of the senses. Through various research projects we learn thought-provoking new insight that has many implications for HR professionals.

If you have intellectual curiosity about psychology, physiology, and how it all affects work behavior, try putting the book’s findings into these real-world work scenarios!

  • Hold a warm cup of coffee during an interview. A study found that we perceive people differently — in fact, more favorably — when we are holding a warm beverage as opposed to a cold one.
  • Smell a cinnamon candle or fresh baked sweets while training or rallying coworkers. Did you know that the scent of cinnamon improves memory and attention, and sweet smells enhance helpful behavior and altruism? Research proves it!

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