Advantages of working for a smaller business vs a large corporation

By: Alyssa Bunde

We understand job hunting can be a tiring & discouraging process; & after a plethora of unanswered resume applications, you may begin to wonder what’s going on? It could be that you’re applying to the wrong places. If you’ve only applied to large corporations/companies it might be time to reconsider the little guys, that’s right, small businesses; because their benefits may be larger than you realize.

Master of many skills

In a smaller company, it’s not uncommon for employees to wear many hats and assist in various aspects of the business. By doing this, you’ll have the opportunity to learn multiple new skills & avoid feelings of boredom & repetitiveness because you’ll have the benefit of a variety-filled day. In addition, if you did decide to leave the company you would be able to walk away with strong diversified skills on your resume.

Direct contact to Executives

Likely in a smaller company, you’ll have direct contact with your executives & probably the business owner too. Instead of seeing & speaking with them once a month, they’ll typically be in the same office with you. This can be helpful in getting projects reviewed & approved quicker, building stronger relationships, getting hands-on training, & gaining a stronger chance of having your opinions heard & listened to.

Closer relationships

If you’re someone that benefits from or enjoys getting to know your coworkers, smaller companies can provide this. With fewer people in the office, you’ll find yourself getting to know each other sooner than you might in a larger organization.

Increased flexibility & work-life balance

Smaller companies are known to be more flexible than their corporate counterparts. As such, they’ll likely offer that same flexibility for your schedule & be far more understanding if you need a personal day or have to leave work early. This is because they know you, you’re not just another person at a computer in the office.

Small Org Chart

A smaller company is well, smaller. As such, you’ll have direct contact with executives but also have a smaller org-chart in general. This can be beneficial for timely project approvals, a shorter ladder to climb for promotions, & quicker implementation of changes. 

Creative freedom

All of the benefits listed above really lead to this point. Having those closer relationships, flexibility, & access to multiple areas of the business can open up more doors to put forth your opinion & have the opportunity to execute your ideas.

Stepping stone

Finally, a smaller organization can act as an entry point to the industry you’re looking to break into. Smaller companies tend to be more willing to train people to do the job rather than their corporate counterparts who typically want people with years of experience.

Join a smaller company

If you’re considering joining a smaller company, consider us here at BRIX Recruiting. We’re always looking for driven & communicative individuals to join the team.

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