Should I use a nationwide recruiting firm?

Written by:  Courtney Keene

When searching to fill an opening on your team, the first question an organization must deal with is how to recruit the best talent. Often the stakes are too high to leave it to a post on one of the many internet recruiting boards, where anyone is open to apply thus wasting your time sifting through unqualified candidates. When an organization wants and needs quality talent, they are turning to recruitment firms in increasing numbers.

Which firm should I use? If you use the post and pray method and that’s not cutting it, outsourcing to a firm who specializes in your niche can prove very useful. For every industry, there’s as many recruitment firms, all making similar promises about their talent pool, their reach, and their results. A good place to start is to decide what kind of search your business needs to conduct, do I hand it off to a few local firms, or a nationwide firm?

However, one size does not fit all. Below are some things to consider when choosing a firm to partner with; don’t count the nationwide company out just yet. Here’s some tips on how to determine if a nationwide firm is right for your search.

Nationwide Firm Misconceptions: 

Too big: Just because a firm isn’t in your local market doesn’t mean they’re not effective or great at their job. If you do your homework and ask the right questions, you may find that it doesn’t matter how big or small the firm is. For some reason people equate nationwide with big, which is not always the case. What matters is how they do their job (do they just post an ad), how well you get along with them (is this a good long-term partner), and how successful they are in placing this role (track record)?

Don’t know the local talent pool/market: Don’t let “the local firm knows all the local talent” guise cloud your judgement. Depending on if you’ve hired a contingent or retained firm or these are temp or permanent placements, this is where the local talent pool is concerned. There can be a lot of talent out there that’s not on LinkedIn or job boards that a firm can tap into, that boils down to the recruiter regardless of if they’re local or nationwide. 

Take too long to fill: The local firm has a database with a lot of candidates ready to go! While they may have a lot of candidates in their back pocket, that doesn’t mean they’re the perfect fit. You should look for a firm who can provide you the very best talent available amongst all potential candidates, not just the ones that applied to their job postings. Sometimes you need a position filled quickly and depending on the level of search, this too comes down to the recruiter you’re working with versus where they’re located. 

Cost: A nationwide firm is more expensive. I’ve only worked at one recruiting firm thus far in my recruiting career and I truly believe you get what you pay for. The average recruiting fee is somewhere between 20-30% of the first-year compensation on average, and that number can be sliced and diced a few different ways. You don’t get Lexus candidates for Kia prices, and while we’re at it, price should never be the first thing we talk about. If it is, the recruiter should run, you’re in the recruiting commodity game – No Thank You! There are too many great companies out there that that will value your partnership and hard work. 

The decision to hire a local or national search firm is a crucial part of your hiring process. Ultimately, it comes down to the position you are looking to fill, the type of talent you aim to attract, and if you’re looking for a long-term partner. Selecting a firm with the right approach and experience could be more important than its physical address. Contact BRIX Recruiting Partners today to see why we are the happy medium between size, reach, and expertise.