Sales Pros and Social Media: 4 Reasons Sales Managers and Sales Reps Need to Be Marketing Online

By Adam Vortherms

Love it or hate it, there is no disputing the fact that social media provides the gateway to unlimited sales opportunities for businesses invirtually all industries.  From increasing brand recognition, to boosting sales, to attracting talented new recruits, when used effectively, social media can send your sales skyrocketing. That means that if your sales reps aren’t marketing their products or projects, or your sales manager isn’t promoting your company, you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity to surpass your goals.  Here’s a look at four specific reasons that sales managers and sales reps need to be marketing online through social media.

· Social Media Can Boost Website Traffic

Whether you’re a sales manager, or a sales rep, when you promote your business on social media you open the door to increased website traffic. As a sales manager, this gives potential new sales recruits the opportunity to learn more about your company.  As a sales rep, promoting your company on social media sites gives you the chance to introduce potential new leads to your brand, through directing your audience to your website.

· Social Media Can Increase Brand Awareness

Speaking of introducing leads to your brand, regular social media posts which reference your company will only help to increase awareness of your brand.  Through promoting your projects, products, or company on social media you are given the opportunity to introduce consumers to your company if they are unfamiliar with it.  If you happen to work for a more well-known company, regular posting helps to keep your brand top-of-mind, in your industry.

· Social Media Can Generate New Leads

There’s essentially no easier, or more cost-effective way of getting in front of an audience of new leads than by showcasing your products and projects on social media.  Regular updates on new products, or popular products can turn cold prospects into warm leads before you know it.

· Social Media Fosters Relationships

Social media is designed to connect people. Through engaging with others, sales reps can establish credibility and foster trust based relationships even with people they’ve never met.

Social media campaigns and strategies obviously vary in terms of complexity, but there are a few best practices that all sales managers and sales reps should adhere to, when it comes to marketing on social media.

Best Social Media Practices for Sales Managers

· Encourage Reps to Promote Their Products and/or Projects

· Invite Others (read: potential recruits) to Learn More About Your Company in Your Posts

· Provide Helpful/Educational Tips to Audience

Best Social Media Practices for Sales Pros

· Engage with Your Audience (Follow Them, Ask Them Questions)

· Showcase Your Satisfied Clients/ Successful Projects

· Introduce New Products or Services

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