Red Flags That Indicate Your Employee is About to Leave!

You put in really hard efforts to hire employees; you invest your time, money and energy to acquire the best of talent in your organisation. No doubt, you want it to stay longer and become a building block in company’s success.

With the changing corporate dynamics, same efforts need to be put in retaining talent and holding onto potential employees. How can you improve it?

Making your employees more engaged and satisfied will certainly help. But what will you do to achieve that?

There is apparently no ideal organisation where entire workforce is happy, satisfied and committed. Some spoilt brats are always there spoiling others, or some victims are always suffering in certain corner of the organization.

You definitely need to find out the ones that will place you at higher horizons and can be the future organisational pillars. But, more than that, you need to recognize the ones that are about to say goodbye to you.

Probably a warning bell or a pre-alarm might help you spot the individuals who are planning to leave making you look here and there to fill vacant positions. There are certain indicators that can help you with these.

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