How 5 Companies Creatively Enticed the Best Candidates

You’ll often read about how hard it is for job seekers to land their dream role, but when you’re the company on the hunt for top talent, the landscape is equally as competitive.

When faced with the daunting task of recruiting a top level candidate, it’s hard enough identifying the front runners, let alone convincing them to jump ship and join your team. After all, post recession has meant that the cream of the so called “Generation Y” crop are more likely to be happily employed, than relentlessly browsing online job boards.

So, how does one successfully pursue these ad-immune, tech savvy, social media driven Millennials? Well, here are 5 creative examples of companies that got it right:

IKEA: ‘Career Instructions’:

In an attempt to recruit a large number of workers for their new megastore in Australia, IKEA amusingly decided to include what they called ‘Career Instructions’ into each of their flat packs. Based on their traditional furniture instructions, all customers took home the witty application forms without realising. The clever initiative not only minimised the costs on advertising, but it also ensured IKEA fans were targeted. And boy did it work! The campaign brought in 4,285 job applicants, resulting in 280 new hires for their megastore.

Sage: Google Business View:

Whilst job descriptions are designed to give candidates a feel for the firm, it’s hard to tell exactly what a company is like from a piece of paper. Alert to this issue, Sage – the business software providers – decided to show applicants just how great their offices are. Pioneering Google’s ‘Business View’ – the virtual tour technology used in Street View – the company easily dispelled any misconceptions that they might be a boring white-collar organisation. In fact, when clicking through their magnificent office, potential candidates would be hard pushed to find an employee in a suit.

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