Hiring Sales Reps in The New Year: An Interview Checklist for 2017

Photo by bigstock.com

Photo by bigstock.com

By Adam Vortherms

It’s no secret that sales companies do a lot of hiring at the start of the New Year. With that in mind, here is a valuable checklist Hiring Managers can refer to, in order thin the herd of candidates, come hiring time in January.

  1. Did the sales candidate come prepared?

Readiness is a sign that a sales candidate takes this opportunity seriously—a good omen for a future hire. Did the candidate come prepared to professionally engage with your hiring team? Did he or she bring a hard copy of their resume or portfolio? Did they dress appropriately and professionally? Do they show a basic understanding and knowledge of your company and your goals? Well-prepared candidates are easy to spot—they are more engaged and can directly relate their own experiences to your expectations and goals.

  1. Did the sales candidate ask appropriate questions?

At the end of most interviews, most Hiring Managers will likely ask potential candidates whether they have any questions. Oftentimes, this prime opportunity for a candidate to show preparedness and interest in a company is sorely missed. The wise candidate will ask questions to signal to Hiring Managers that they’ve thoughtfully considered the position they’ve applied for, with queries along the lines of: What’s the company culture like? Are there opportunities for growth? What’s typical management style?

  1. Did the sales candidate relate their own professional experience to the role he or she is applying for?

The most successful sales job candidates are ones who can specifically and concretely relate their prior professional experiences to what’s required in the potential position. Any candidate can profess to have a host of positive attributes—hardworking, dedicated, etc.—but thoughtful candidates won’t stop there. Instead, they’ll use examples from their professional experience to demonstrate said attributes, and prove how they will help your company to reach your sales goals. Even if their prior experience isn’t directly related to your specific industry, top sales rep candidates can still illustrate strong sales acumen by relaying past successes.

  1. Is the candidate someone I would buy from personally?

This is often the x-factor that pushes successful sales candidates over the edge compared to their competition. A long list of prior experiences pales when the candidate comes off as unlikable or as someone you wouldn’t want to work with on a daily basis. Use the interview to assess the candidate’s personality and likeability—are they making an effort to connect on a personal level? Are they displaying the right mood and temperament for an interview setting? Do they seem genuine and trustworthy? Is the sales candidate a good listener, as well as a likeable conversation partner? After all, people buy from people they like and trust.

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