Finding The Sales Manager You Need: 4 Reasons a Top Sales Recruiter Makes This Task Simpler and More Successful

Sales manager on blackboard with businessman on side

By Andy Wright

In order for your sales team to succeed, it’s vital that your sales manager’s leadership skills are second-to-none. That means you can’t afford to go without a sales manager who exemplifies your company’s commitment to excellence, best practices, ongoing education, and product knowledge. But finding a top sales manager who has these invaluable skills can prove challenging, as these in-demand professionals aren’t likely to be idly sitting around, surfing job boards. Instead, they are liable to be leading a successful sales team for another organization.

So, what can HR Professionals or Hiring Managers do to find, and attract top sales managers? The answer: engage the services of a top sales recruiting company to make this process simpler, and more importantly, successful. Here are four reasons top sales recruiters make finding the sales manager you need to take your business to new heights, much easier.

1. Top Sales Recruiting Companies Are Pro-Active

Top sales recruiting companies go far beyond surfing job boards or posting ads on various sites to attract top sales managers. Instead, the best sales recruiters are working tirelessly day after day to identify and reach out to passive candidates (who are not actively seeking work). This gives you the best chance of recruiting a truly remarkable sales manager, even if they’re not coming to you. Top sales recruiting companies go after the sales superstars, rather than waiting for them to come to us.

2. Top Sales Recruiting Companies Use a Consultative Approach

Top recruiting professionals will make the lives of HR Professionals or hiring managers much easier, by going above and beyond to ensure you find the best sales manager for your team. Using a consultative approach, top sales recruiters will act as advisors in helping you to first develop your ideal candidate profile. In addition, skilled, reputable sales recruiters will also serve in a consultancy role to help you to determine appropriate and attractive compensation plans. Finally, they will help you to devise a targeted list of industries from which to begin the process of identifying and recruiting top sales managers.

3. Top Sales Recruiting Companies Ensure That You’ll Get an “A” Candidate

Companies willing to invest in their recruitment efforts through engaging the experience and expertise of a top sales recruiting company, ensure that they’ll have access to the greatest selection of “A” candidates, in lieu of settling for “B” candidates and hoping for the best. The ROI companies will realize by recruiting an “A” sales manager, as opposed to a mediocre sales manager will prove significant in the long term.

4. Top Sales Recruiters Will Save Your Staff Time and Save You Money

Companies who put the responsibility of recruiting a top sales manager on the HR department or hiring manager’s plate stand to lose a lot of time and money. Time spent by in-house employees trying to locate the best potential sales manager candidates will prove to take away from their time spent focusing on their key responsibilities and core competencies. These lost hours, can become quite costly. By contrast, partnering with a top sales recruiting company to find you the best match for your needs as quickly as possible, will save money and time, in the short and long term. After all, top sales recruiters spend all day, every day immersed in the business of recruiting.

When it comes time to find a sales manager who will inspire, motivate, mentor, and manage your team of sales reps, there is no better ally to have on your side than an experienced sales recruiter. At Grapevine Targeted Sales Recruiting our team of experienced sales recruiters are here to make the process of identifying, attracting, and retaining top sales managers stress-free, and successful, so that your sales goals can be met and exceeded for months and years to come.

Andy Wright is the owner and an active recruiter at Grapevine – Targeted Sales Recruiting. Andy began his recruiting career in 2003, and has a proven track record of helping companies both large and small increase sales team retention and productivity through recruiting top talent. Prior to launching Grapevine in December of 2011, Andy held key leadership positions for two Twin Cities-based recruiting firms, training and managing teams of recruiters while developing new business and managing national account relationships. Visit, call 952.856.2371 or email