Executive Presence is Ageless: 3 Ways to Be Seen as a Leader

By: Laurie Ruettimann

We live in a golden age where everybody has a point of view on leadership – and yet so few of us are given the opportunity to lead.

Why can’t everyone be a leader? Well, the world doesn’t work that way. Call your mom. And sometimes the difference between someone who leads from the front and someone who leads from behind often falls down to a single trait: executive presence.

What is Executive Presence?

Suzanne Bates is a coach and thought leader. She defines executive presence as the blending of temperament, competencies, and skills that send all the right signals to mobilize others to act.

Ken White, writing in The Washington Post, says, “Among other things, executive presence is the ability to project self-confidence and to make tough decisions. They walk with a relaxed confidence, standing tall, shoulders back. All of their nonverbal cues say, ‘I got this. Everything is good on my watch. And, there is nothing I would rather do.’”

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