Are Your Online Job Postings For Sales Positions Not Bearing Fruit? You’re Not Alone.


I’ve used online job boards myself and have had success. So, I’m a fan of their usefulness for certain types of positions, and have even recommended them to hiring managers. However, many of Grapevine’s current clients initially connected with us after coming up short with a job posting, and there are several consistent reasons as to why these ads haven’t worked:

  • Grapevine recruits for companies that require sales and sales management candidates with proven track records in specific industries. Typically, strong sales talent in niche industries is in high demand, and odds are that the top performers are passive/currently employed, very busy, and not surfing job boards. The primary challenge in posting ads for sales hires: the best candidates won’t see the ad because they’re not actively seeking new employment.
  • Sales and sales management job postings are so plentiful on the online job boards, (especially in larger markets) that your ad may be buried amongst several hundred other ads and not receiving due attention.
  • Currently employed, top performing sales professionals are often well networked within your industry and may be nervous about sending their resume through a website to an unknown receiver. They worry that since they know some of the people at your company, word could get back to their current employer that they applied. In many cases, the candidate just won’t take the risk.

Besides spending money on an ad and not finding a great hire, there can be additional risks and setbacks for the business:

  • The average posting runs for 30 days – assuming you want your investment to run its full course, and assuming it takes the average hiring manager several weeks to weed through 100+ applicants and conduct pre-screens, usually you’re looking at no less than a 60 day commitment. If the net result is no better than “B” candidates, you’ve just lost 2 months. What’s your time worth? HR Leaders, Sales Managers, and small business Owners often spend a great deal of time screening mediocre candidates when they could have been focusing on other, more profitable activities.
  • In addition, the value of the sales production you’ve lost during that time can be significant. Of the industries Grapevine recruits in, many expect at least $1 million per year in sales volume per Sales Rep – these companies are losing $80,000+ plus for each month that seat remains empty.

If you’ve struggled to net “A” candidates through your online ads, don’t settle for a “B” – give us a call and find out how taking a more proactive approach to recruiting the top sales and sales management talent within your industry can dramatically improve your bottom line!