Action Required: Do’s and Don’ts for Rejecting Candidates

By Mary Lorenz

If there’s one thing hiring managers and HR professionals need to know about today’s candidates, it’s that they take to rejection the same way Taylor Swift does: They don’t go down quietly.

Though they may not write chart-topping pop songs about the employers who scorned them, they do take to social media to publicly vent their frustrations, putting a dent in those companies’ employer brands – and even their bottom lines. Studies have shown that workers are less likely to purchase products or services from companies that don’t bother to respond to their job applications, and many will talk about a bad experience they had with a potential employer with friends and family.

What Candidates Really Think When They Don’t Hear Back

Not convinced? A few years ago, we heard from quite a few job seekers trying to figure out why hiring managers didn’t respond to candidates – and they had some choice words about those companies. Below are just a handful of comments we received from jilted job seekers:

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