9 Steps To Making a Winning Job Offer

by Jorg Stegemann

Congratulations! After having screened dozens or hundreds of resumes and having conducted numerous interviews, you have found the perfect fit for your vacancy. Weeks or months of hard work come to an end. Make sure you get it right at this critical point of time of the hiring process. One false move can result in a refusal. If you screw it up now, you have to start at zero again. After all, a significant percentage of all job offers made are turned down. Making it right is an art and a science.

Here are the nine steps to making a bullet-proof job offer:

1. Move fast: If you’ve made a decision, why wait? In recruitment, time will work against you in 9.5 out of 10 cases.

Real talent is scarce in any economic cycle. Whenever possible contact the selected candidate the same day after their final interview. If not, make contact within a day or two at most.

If you wait longer, a psychological process in the candidate’s mind can take place which goes, “No news from them for four days, this is not a good sign. I really wanted that job but I won’t get it. Well, after all, this job is not THAT great. There are disadvantages too. In fact I don’t want it anymore!”

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