7 Podcasts to improve your work life

Whether you’re looking for tips and tricks from some of the most successful people in the world, unique and interesting info to share at the water cooler, or just something fun to have on in the background while you hammer out a menial task, here are seven podcasts to help you get through the workday.

1. Working

If you’ve ever been at a party where you didn’t know a lot of people, you’ve probably asked and been asked “What do you do?” And while this question is typically answered with a job title and a one-sentence summary, some jobs warrant a little more detail. Each episode of “Working” focuses on the typical routines of a day in the life of someone with a unique job. For example, the first episode detailed Stephen Colbert’s average workday. Others include occupations as diverse as an inner-city doctor, a 54-year-old rock guitarist, a child-abuse detective, a stand-up comedian, a bail bondsman, a helicopter paramedic, and a porn star.

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