5 ways you can be happier at work


Ready to throw in the towel? These five surprisingly easy tricks will make you rethink the way you feel about your job.

You know those not-so-secretly smug people who tell you how amazing their jobs are? You hate those people. Probably because ‘amazing’ and ‘job’ aren’t two words you’d ever use in the same sentence.

But even if your workplace isn’t your first choice of places to be (narrowly beaten out by anywhere else and, seriously, anywhere) your job needn’t make you miserable, according to employment specialist Jessica Bushby, who advises using five simple techniques to be happier at work.

Choose your attitude

“You are ultimately responsible for your experience at work,” says Bushby. “If you have a bad attitude, you can be in the best job in the world and be miserable. Find the benefit in what you’re doing. Maybe your work contributes to the growth of your company or helps society in some way. Once you focus on the positives, the negatives will fall away.”

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