10 Tips to Create an A+ Candidate Experience

By Mary Lorenz

As any good cook or avid “Top Chef” fan knows, you wouldn’t send food out of the kitchen without tasting it first. By the same token, a car manufacturer wouldn’t mass-produce a new model before administering a crash test, and a major technology retailer wouldn’t release a much-hyped smartphone without first making sure it doesn’t bend.

Okay, maybe that last one is a bad example (too soon?), but here’s the point: In order to provide the best possible customer experience, you have to first put yourself in the customer’s shoes and test your own product. As an employer, your candidate is your customer, and providing the best possible candidate experience is what will set you apart from your competitors. But how do you know what your experience is like if you don’t test it yourself?

That’s just one of the many thought-provoking points in a new e-book from CareerBuilder, “10 Tips to Create an A+ Candidate Experience and Improve ROI.”  Based on a recent survey of 690 job seekers, hiring managers and recruiters, the contents of the e-book highlight opportunities for organizations to improve the candidates experience and get a better return on their recruiting efforts.

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