Proudly helping our clients build rock solid teams since 2012


From humble beginnings & a company of one to a full-time staff and a continuously growing team, a lot has changed these past 10 years. However, we couldn’t have gotten to where we are without our dedicated and talented employees, our nationwide network of skilled candidates, and our valued clients whom we are proud to represent in the marketplace.

We strive to be a trusted partner for our clients. As such, we’re dedicated to providing customized services, building strong teams one rock-solid candidate at a time, & always finding new ways to continuously improve.

Here’s to 10 years of valued partnerships! And we’re just getting started…


Your team at BRIX

January 2012

Andy Launches Grapevine

Before we were BRIX we were Grapevine! Same mission to help build strong teams but a different name.

BRIX began in Andy’s unfinished basement where he recruited for various industries ranging from home improvement to building products, process engineering, fluid power, combustion, & fasteners.

First Client Within the First Week

From the beginning, we have been committed to excellent customer service & client management. This is evident as we were able to land & retain our first client, an overhead door dealer company in Kentucky, within the first week of opening!

January 2012
September 2012

First Office

In order to grow the team & expand our space, BRIX takes up residency in Edina, Minnesota.

Chaska: Our New Home & Our Brick Backstory

Once again, we pack our bags & make a move to a new space…this time for good. Chaska, Minnesota becomes our new office location & along with it comes an interesting view & history!

Our office overlooks a park that was once a Brick mining hole for the Chaska Brick Industry. This industry prospered from 1857-1950 & created the area’s well-known Chaska bricks that were a distinctive cream-colored brick (as shown above).

As a nod to Brick Industry, we utilized the towns interesting history when we rebranded to BRIX in 2019.

September 2014

401K With a Match is added

We are dedicated to continuous improvement especially when it comes to adding benefits & improvements to the lives of our employees.

BRIX completes 100th search

March 2015

Adam is Promoted to Managing Partner for our Building Materials Group

Industry Niching

After much discussion, we determined the best way to provide specialized services for our clients was to niche; So moving forward, BRIX team members would be subject matter experts who are 100% dedicated to the industries they serve. From there, internal niche-focused teams of recruiters continued to enhance their industry knowledge & build their networks of clients and candidates within their respective verticals.


Grapevine Rebrands to BRIX

“We’re focused on building a strong foundation for our business, & for our clients. Our new brand reflects our commitment to each other, the industries we serve & our valued clients.”

– Andy Wright

Profit-Sharing is Introduced to the Team

May 2021

First Alaska Search Succesfully Completed

When we say we work nationwide, we mean nationwide.

BRIX completes 500th search

November 2021
January 2022

BRIX Turns 10 Years Old

and celebrates with 10 days of employee appreciation.

Andrew Henke

Andrew is promoted to managing partner for our home improvement group

March 2022
March 2022

First Annual Presidential Awards Trip

The team traveled to Cancun, Mexico to celebrate going above & beyond their yearly goals. Ryanne also walked away with the 2021 Rookie of the Year Runner-Up Award from!


A Look Into the Past